JPM as a Bridge for the Friendship between
Japan and China

JPM Co., Ltd. is the formal name as the first-class qualified architect office.
JPM stands for Japan Power Media. and it intends to be a media (bridge) to connect Japan to China, further to Asia, and the world through the architectural culture and technology.

Toward the Global Market from Japan

JPM has been working primarily for the planning, design and construction supervision of the senior residences and schools in Japan. Recently, the area of the design fields has been enlarged and JPM works for the many resort hotels and commercial buildings.

With the international projects, including in China, JPM always bears in mind the mission to portray "The Beauty of Japanese Design to the World". The Architecture Design Department of JPM has been involved in the regional and urban planning, the commercial planning, master planning, architectural design, interior design and the landscape design of the large-scale commercial facilities, the educational facilities, the housings and hotels, etc. The architectural design covers the concept plan to the basic design.

Simultaneously, those designs are checked by the China Project Department in Tokyo and China Branch Office to confirm whether they are compatible to the laws and various codes of China. The design services further move to the construction drawing preparation, which are exclusively permitted to be done by the Chinese design offices, and JPM supervises the design to check if the design fits for the purposes. Finally, the services move to the design supervision during the construction period.

If the project size is very large and has a complex nature, JPM experts co-work with professional group companies, JCAP7 (Japanese Consortium for the Asian Projects) to form a project team depending on its needs and characteristics, such as the special architectural design, urban planning and landscape design, etc. The JPM staff mostly plays the important project management roles within JCAP7. (Please refer to URL: )

Also, JPM has the Creative Design Department to produce CGs and movies to offer the high-quality rendering, animation and VR (Virtual Reality) by use of the state-of-the-art technologies.

JPM Mission Statement

JPM was founded in the year 2000, aiming for the general architectural design office in the international market. Starting from the architectural design and CG production, JPM has been expanding its service areas to the project management, including the professional consulting services in the market of Japan and China, always placing our base on the architectural design. Through those activities, JPM now realizes the high potential and sociality that the architectural culture and technology possess.

The 21st Century is told as "the Year of the Environments". JPM will propose the architectural design with the in-depth consideration on the environmental issues by the qualified staff with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) qualification, which is now introduced in China and India and is becoming the world standards.

JPM started the first step of the architectural design in Japan and always bears in mind the environmentally friendly design. JPM believes that it can contribute to create a better environment through our architectural culture and technology in Japan, China, Asia and the world. It is as if small seeds germinate, grow to spread its branches, bloom and further produce the seeds for the reproduction of the larger flowers. This way, JPM will, step by step, aim to build the bridge of friendship between Japan and China, and to Asia and to the world.